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Quick falcon illustration

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Stephanie Brown

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Keiichi Tanaami, Hop Step Jump (CaRTe bLaNChe and Nieves Books, 2011). 

From Nieves:

Hop Step Jump brings together portraits of colorful, eccentric figures that interpret “Life and Hereafter”, essential truth and source of inspiration to Keiichi Tanaami. Tanaami’s vivid and highly surreal drawings are often considered psychedelic. However, a closer look reveals that his drawings go far beyond psychedelic tropes. They have their roots in his tense personal recollections: memories, dreams and nightmares.

Read about Keiichi Tanaami’s upcoming SC involvement here.

Courtesy Antenne Books.

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Pattern recognition, Jane Fisher

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Night Tattoo Session .
On Joel Albertsson .
Thanks man for the challenge .
Kosmos Tattoo , Gothenburg , SUEDE .

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Tara Donovan transforms everyday objects into captivating works of art. Seen here is straws, tar paper, Styrofoam cups, buttons, and fishing wire.

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Japanese artist and student Takayuki Hori created this awesome (and award-winning) series of eight translucent origami skeletal animals entitled Oritsunagumono, which translates to mean ‘things folded and connected’.

Printed on translucent paper, each piece represents an endangered species native to Japan’s coastal waterways and contains a foreign object inside their body - human-made detritus - representing the environmental threats faced by these animals. They are hauntingly beautiful memento mori for fragile wildlife struggling to cope in a hazardous ecosystem.

[via Beautiful/Decay, designboom and Colossal (visit all three for additional images)]

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The Bridge, Richard Misrach

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Some close-ups of Sean’s kitsune back (at saved. brooklyn. last week.)

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